I posted this topic amongst friends and was stunned at the results. No, I was not stunned by the places, I was stunned by the sheer volume of answers (but after all, it's my friends, and they tend to like to party).

Here Are The Best Places Ever To Eat In Lubbock When You're Drunk
Here Are The Best Places Ever To Eat In Lubbock When You're Drunk

Something Special

Partying is hard work. First, there's the partying, followed by the partying. Yes, we're talking about long nights of friends, concerts, dancing, or whatever. Even if the night wasn't that long, it still rocks to find the perfect place to soak up the alcohol.

Places You Can't Go

The way people wistfully remember some of their favorite drunken eating spots is hilarious. Tops on the list were the combination of The Kettle and Skillets. Both of these places had amazing breakfast bars at 2 a.m. There's just something about bacon and eggs after getting a belly full of beer. Oh, and the sausage gravy too. Coming up hot and heavy from behind was Lone Wolf. I regret to say that I never made it to that neck of the woods inebriated, but it sounds like their tacos slammed after a late night. Taco Cabana also picked up a few mentions, but again, I missed that one in favor of an all-you-can-eat breakfast.

Places You Can Go

There are still plenty of places to rock your world in the Hub City. It looks like Big E's is tops right now, and I'd have to agree. Those sausages and adjacency to a fire so close to the Depot District clubs is perfect. Denny's and IHOP both were mentioned numerous times because you can't go wrong with either. Josie's on Q picked up a number of mentions and a few people swear by Allsups burritos, which can still be found around town. Finally, my boy Walker Singleton came up to the plate with one of the absolute bangers of late-night eating, the Whataburger on Avenue Q! Hot french fries after cold beer are an absolute must!

You Must Get Drunk Early

I found it odd that several not-late-night places were mentioned, but that's okay. You third shifters and early party hounds deserve some mentions too. Among the day-drinking folks (I guess) Rosa's sounds amazing as does Wienerschnitzel and Tommy's Burgers.

What's Missing?

I felt like there needed to be a late-night sit-down pizza place. Eating pizza while drunk is one of the most amazing things ever. Along came my morning show partner to give this story the tip-in, and that's Giorgio's Pizza downtown.

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