Cannon Roberts, also known as @westtexasprogressive on TikTok, shared a video that raises some real concerns over an alleged rat infestation at Estacado High School. He says it has gotten so out of hand, that one teacher claimed a rat ran across her lap during class.

Roberts alleges that teachers have been instructed to deal with the situation themselves, rather than bringing in outside assistance, which is really hard to imagine. Teachers are supposed to spend their time...teaching...not trapping rats.

So, what exactly is going on at Estacado High School?

Take a look at what Roberts has to say about the situation in the video below:

I know that Cannon Roberts goes out of his way to research the topics he covers about our local schools and government before making videos. I've found the claims he's made in past videos to be credible.


Do you have a student at Estacado High School? Are you a teacher there? I'd love to hear what you know about this situation. I don't want to believe that something like this could be true in one of our major schools in Lubbock.

Please email any information you have on the alleged rat problem at Estacado High School to so that we can try to make some sense of this.

This is all a bit troubling, don't you think? Let me know in a comment below this article where you find it.

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