I'll admit that I get my hackles up when someone gives one of my favorite places a bad review. Clearly, if I like it, they must be wrong! Right?

Okay, so tastes differ and any restaurant can have a slip-up or a bad shift. It happens, and the hope is that the eatery can take the criticism constructively and do better next time.


But what if the negative review is completely off-base? That happens more than you think, and that's why glancing at a star rating isn't the best way to judge a restaurant. For instance, Lubbock's legendary and award-winning Evie Mae's Barbeque recently got the most hilariously off-base review I've ever seen.

Is it possible that a restaurant that Texas Monthy listed as one of the best BBQ places in all of Texas could have had a bad customer interaction? I guess, but one person's review will have you thinking, "Perhaps there are some people who shouldn't be entitled to an opinion."

Here's that review, in all it's non-glory:



Take away. The worst food idea ever is the frito pie. It is not a pie and it is not good tasting. If you want nachos on frito's instead of tortilla chips you might like this idea. Whoever developed this idea must have been in a drugged haze. I cannot say how awful this thing is.

Y'ALL. This person didn't know a frito pie wasn't... an actual pie. Which really makes me wonder why they ordered it in the first place. Also, this person is clearly not from this area- I've been eating frito pies since I had teeth to chew the fritos.

Also, did they think Evie Mae's invented the Frito pie, and also deserved a 1 star review over it? This says nothing about the actual experience with the restaurant and is clearly an unfair (albeit unintentionally hilarious) review.

Evie Mae's took the review in stride, encouraging their Facebook followers to come try the worst food idea ever.

They erased the reviewer's name, but as for me I am much more petty and searched to find them. You can too if you like. I wanted to know what this person did like: Cracker Barrel and Wal-Mart. Okay.

Kinda makes the old adage, "the customer is always right in terms of taste" seem like a lie, but to each their own I guess. I'll remain a Frito pie enjoyer, even if it's not a real pie.

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