How hard do you work? It may not be as hard as you think.

Image by WikiImages from Pixabay
Image by WikiImages from Pixabay

Hard Work

Do you think you work hard? Well, maybe you do. It's entirely possible that everyone around you just doesn't work that hard. Heck, you've probably even accused them of slippin' a bit here and there. I guess we'll go with that logic for now.

Soft People

Our friends at Wallethub are out with another survey. This time they are looking at, "The Hardest Working Cities In America". At first glance, this list is a little suspect because it lists Washington, D.C. as the hardest-working city in America. Coming in at #2 was Irving, Texas, so that seems to bring the list back to earth.

The Data

You can't fault the data though. The metrics for the survey are boiled down to "Direct Work Factors" like "Average Work Week Hours" and "Indirect Work Factors" like "Share Of Workers With More Than One Job".  Again, Wallethub puts together reams of supporting data for surveys like this, so they are pretty credible.

Image by Joseph Emmanuel Japos from Pixabay
Image by Joseph Emmanuel Japos from Pixabay


So where does the Hub City rank? Well, it's not that bad, with Lubbock coming in at #41 on the list. I supposed #41 out of 116 is okay, but you certainly wouldn't want your kid to graduate 41st in a class of 116. I guess we're not lazy, we're just not overly motivated.

Is It Bad?

So is it good or bad where Lubbock lands on the list? It's actually a little better than you think when you dig down. We at least go up to #39 for the "Direct Work Factors" and get slammed down to 98th for the "Indirect Work Factors". I choose to believe that this means that we work hard when we're at work, we just don't have to do as much of it (then again, that could be a very optimistic view of the data).

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