As of the writing of this piece, there are currently no executions scheduled in Texas. Does this mean 2024 could have the fewest executions in State history?

The simple answer is no, for a few reasons. But it could be one of the lightest years in decades.

In 1972, the death penalty was abolished by the Supreme Court; however, States like Texas enacted new death penalty laws that were eventually found to be constitutional and the practice resumed.

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Every Texas inmate, 45 men, on death row saw their death sentence commuted to life in prison. It wouldn't be until 1982 that executions resumed, with the very first lethal injection in United States history administered to Charles Brooks, Jr.

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For argument's sake, let's disregard the years before 1982. Texas has already executed one inmate this year, Ivan Cantu. That still beats the year 1983- as no executions happened that year. Likely that was due to the "lag" if you will, from the moratorium on executions.

Every year after saw at least 3 executions, with a big uptick beginning in 1992 (12 executions) which reached a peak in 2000 with a massive 40 executions.

Last year, Texas only had 8 executions, but still led the nation in State-sanctioned deaths. Executions and death penalties have been on a sharp decrease nationwide over the last few years.

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If I were forced to bet on something as macabre as how many executions will take place in Texas this year, I'd put my money on 3. Only time will tell more folks on the row will meet their maker this year.

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