Certain dog breeds seem to have their time in the sun, at least as far as their popularity goes, but should they?

You may remember the 90s live-action movie 101 Dalmations starring Glenn Close. The adorable spotted puppies caused a huge surge of interest in the breed. Despite warnings that Dalmatians are high-energy dogs that require a ton of attention, many were adopted on looks alone, causing many dogs to be neglected or abandoned.

It also led to over-breeding and in-breeding, weakening Dalmation bloodlines. Puppies were born with temperament issues that made them even less desirable as a family dog.


In the 2000s, the most popular breed was the Labrador Retriever, and that's no surprise- they are hearty, healthy dogs that are above all else adaptable. Whether you want a dog to be an active hiker with you- or an inactive couch napper, the lab is just happy to be around their family.

However, for the last couple of years, the Lab's #1 popularity spot has been usurped by the little guy. Specifically, the petite and uber-cute French Bulldog. They are currently the most popular across the U.S. and the most popular dog in Texas.

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French bulldogs have gained popularity because they are beloved by celebrities, like Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga (who famously had her dogs stolen), Megan Thee Stallion, and Martha Stewart.  And there's no denying they are insanely cute aesthetically and with their bubbly personalities.

However, with that cute smooshed face comes a long list of likely health issues for the animal. All brachycephalic (shortened head) dogs have less ability to regulate their body temperature than dogs with longer faces/ noses.

This means you absolutely cannot safely leave a French bulldog out during either the hot Texas summer or the cold Texas winter. They cannot handle temperature extremes. So if you're going to have a French Bulldog in Texas, you need to plan on it staying inside almost all of the time.

Additionally, the breed can experience respiratory problems, eye issues, skin issues hip dysplasia, etc. On top of their steep price tag ($1500- over $8K!) plan on shelling out for regular vet visits.

Depending on your family and lifestyle, a Frenchie may still be a good choice. I'd suggest doing your research and buying from a reputable breeder (NOT a puppy mill). As for me, I'll stick with my favorite breed: magical mutts.

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