There are plenty of places to get a burger in Lubbock, but a "smash" burger is somewhat rare. As far as I know, the only places I know to get one are at either location of Freddy's Frozen Custard, Evie Mae's in Wolfforth, Nirvana Burger Food Truck, or Hill Barbeque.

In case you've never had one of these crispy, delicious bad boys:

A smash burger is a burger that is made by smashing the ground beef onto the grill or griddle with a spatula. Smashing the burger results in a sear on the outside of the meat, which locks in all of the juices and flavor.


Interestingly, the Smashburger was invented in Kentucky when a grill worker began to smash the beef on the grill with a beer can. Once again, beer and burgers, proving they are the best of friends.


Thanks to a new business here in Lubbock, you'll soon be able to have your smash burger, and bar drinks, too. Wrecked Burgers and Brews is coming to Lubbock's historic Broadway Street, very near the Texas Tech campus. Get it? Wrecked? Like Wreck 'Em? As a Tech grad, I love it.

We spoke with owner Michael Clintsman over the phone about this exciting new eatery. He's been gradually remodeling Local Bar (2420 Broadway St) over the last few months with new flooring, a new mural, new lighting, etc. Clintsman said that they decided to shift to a "food first" model after many years of servicing the Lubbock community.

And if you are a fan of Local you are likely asking the question: "What about the Texas teas?" Yes, they will still be available, rocks and frozen. Yum! The business will be 18+ as long as the kitchen is open (until midnight) then 21+ until 2 a.m.

Perhaps the most fun thing we learned is the Happy Hour Adult "happy meal" which will feature a smash burger, fries, and a draft beer for only $10. That's a heck of a deal.

Wrecked Burger will begin business on Wednesday, January 31st at 11 a.m.

I'm excited about this new concept here in Lubbock, as I love the combination of crispy/ juicy that a Smashburger provides, and it will be available in a beautiful area of town. Add to that a tall, frosty beer and you're in burger heaven.

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