A friend of mine posted a video while working on a new housing development just south of Wolfforth and it looks like it's been pretty rough. The West Texas wind has been blowing like crazy, and there's no grass or buildings around to keep the level of dirt in the air at bay. It really reminds me of a scene from Mad Max.

If you've been braving this crazy weather, thank you for everything you do. I imagine you get home each night with a mouth full of mud. This video was posted to Facebook on January 15, 2023, and it looks like it was an awful day to work outside.

Check it out below:

Yeah. No fun. I think sometimes we forget that right here in the city, we have big buildings to block the wind. As much as I would love to live in one of the new houses on the outskirts of town, it will be some time before we tame that area into submission.

Shout-out to all of the people that are working hard on expanding Lubbock and Wolfforth while simultaneously getting whipped in the face by mother nature. Some parts of Texas are truly still the Wild West. Can you imagine what it was really like for Lubbock during The Dust Bowl? No, thank you.

Do you live in a newly developed home on the outskirts of town? What is it like for you? Tell me about it in the comments and feel free to share a picture if you're dealing with this kind of dirt. What a mess!

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