A Houston Astros fan acted totally unhinged in the parking lot during Astros FanFest on January 21st, 2023 when she attempted to save a parking place with her body for someone who had yet to arrive at the festival. Apparently, she presumed that saving a parking spot with your body is totally fine and normal.

I definitely disagree.

She gets into a bit of an argument with the driver that is attempting to park, and even tells him he isn't a true Astros fan because he won't allow her to get away with holding the parking place for her pals.

The best part of this video has got to be the white gloves she has on. Is it just me, or do they seem to get bigger and bigger? Mickey Mouse vibes for sure.

Check it out below:

The comments on this TikTok had me rolling. Here are my favorites:

"just slowly pull in, they always move" - Colorado-Door-Slinger

"Love how she's acting flabbergasted by YOU" - Elle

"The way she thinks all the other drivers are on her side" - Sara Pagliaro

"Who won the game? THIS GUY!" - Lisa Marin The Domestic Nerd

The TikToker that posted that video @courtneymh9765 revealed in the comments that they waited about 5 minutes before Karen gave up on the parking spot and wandered away, likely to bother someone else with her entitlement. She seems like the kind of person that goes to Starbucks and orders a non-fat, single shot, 2.5 pumps of vanilla, sprinkle of cinnamon, and tears-of-your-firstborn, latte.


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