When you read this headline, your first thought may be that the "Texas Mom" is a total monster: Texas mom 'mixed drink' to give to son's 'bully' and ended up putting him in hospital.

But when you dig a little deeper, you may just roll your eyes that the woman was even arrested over the incident. I'll give you the details and let you decide if she deserved to "get in trouble" over this.

Bexar County/ Canva
Bexar County/ Canva

Jennifer Lynn Rossi was tired of school bullies stealing her kid's sports drink. So she allegedly mixed up a nasty drink to deter future theft and perhaps teach a bully a lesson. The mix? Lemon juice, vinegar, salt, and Gatorade. Nothing toxic, but probably a bit yucky, maybe dehydrating if you drank the whole thing.

Well, somehow the kid ended up in the hospital. If you are befuddled by that, so am I. If it was gross, why did the (alleged) bully drink enough to get sick? Or did they get sick off of one sip of...vinegar and lemon juice?

The child reportedly began experiencing nausea and a headache upon consuming the drink and was immediately taken to a hospital, police said.

Now this Texas mom has been charged with injury to a child causing bodily injury. That is a felony charge that can result in a long prison sentence and a very hefty fine.

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Most folks on Reddit seem to think this is a ridiculous overreaction. Here are some of the comments.

Why the hell would the bully need hospitalization from those ingredients? Bet he's a spoiled little drama queen s***head.

I uh, I'm kind of on the mom's side here. Maybe if schools actually did something about bullies it wouldn't have come to this.

100% nothing in that to make a kid sick. It tasted bad, so he whined to his mommy.  The rest was just trumped up by his family. 

Others did think the woman was out of line and deserved to be prosecuted

There are so many extremely dangerous “what ifs” in this scenario. What if the bully had an allergic reaction and died or was seriously injured (she had absolutely no way of knowing if what she did would actually have killed her victim)?

I know how I feel about this incident, but I'll let you come to your own conclusions about it. As for me and mine, we won't be stealing anyone's drinks.

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