I've covered countless videos of crazy Karens who seem to have zero social skills or sh*ts to give. From demanding restaurants to open after hours, to blocking firetrucks during emergencies, and even calling the police over a Barbie car horn, these ultra-entitled ladies are a public nuisance.

This brings us to today's specimen, The Hisser...

A TikTok posted by creator @laurenscott776 of a Karen hissing at an Applebee's server over a BAKED POTATO is going viral.



Like a cat...

Nothing weird about that...

Totally normal to hiss when you don't get your way...


The Karen in the video allegedly asked for a baked potato, only to learn that they don't have them on the menu at Applebee's. She was not happy and chose hissing as the method by which she would show her displeasure to the poor server.

What a weirdo.

Check out the video below:

The comment section on the video had me giggling this morning. Here are a few of my faves:

"and Billy Bob just sitting there like it's a normal event for them"

"As a former Applebee's server, I'm sure this wasn't the first time this server has encountered something like this."

"This is why I rarely leave my house anymore."

"I know the grandkids are scared of her."

"The fact the man with her is so unbothered by it."

Haha, honestly guys, I wish I could find a man who loved me as much as that guy must love his crazy hissing wife. I guess there really is someone out there for everyone, even Karen...

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