While some "box store" chains are running into the end of their journey, others have been growing at an alarming rate.

The bankruptcies of Bed Bath & Beyond, closures of hundreds of Tuesday Morning locations, and public woes of restructuring attempts from Party City have been making headlines for a while now. But at the same time, stores like Dollar Tree and Dollar General have been exploding with growth. Even if some communities aren't excited to see those stores pop up.

Wal-Mart Prepares For "Black Friday" Shopping Mania
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There are also stores that are more regional, even if they're nationwide, that do much better in certain places. In Texas for example, stores like H-E-B continue to expand aggressively.

With the push and pull of box store success right now, keeping up with who has more stores than who can be tough. Especially in a state as big as Texas, where there are various different regions the size of other states. The demographics across Texas can lead to different tendencies and trends among consumers. That makes Texas a very interesting test case for big box store growth.

So with regional considerations, national trends, and the history of brands in Texas, where do we stand today? Who has the most stores in Texas? Think about it for a second...

Spencer Platt, Getty Images
Spencer Platt, Getty Images

Did you guess #1 correctly? Because some will be shocked when their pick at #1 ends up around #3 or #5...Check to see if you were correct here...

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