Growing up in Texas everyone loves Mexican food and one food truck is bringing some of the most authentic flavors of Mexico everywhere they go. Las D'licias is a food truck owned and operated by Miguel and Roxana Cueto that specializes in homecooked Mexican food but one thing sets them apart from the rest, birria!

There are some people that don't know what birria is and they are missing out on one of the best Mexican foods out there. Birria is a meat that is slow cooked with different spices that the meat soaks up giving some spicy, smokey, savory and even tangy flavors, if cooked correctly.

In an interview Roxana states she loves to cook and loves anything to do with cooking, and even baking. Roxana has been cooking for others over the last 10 years and also bakes cakes for different events, such as quinceñeras. Along with her fantastic team of girls (Corina, Bianca, and April) she does just that as they serve birria tacos, burritos, birria Ramen noodles and also birria egg rolls. Birria is not the only thing they serve as they also serve other main dishes like carne al pastor, churros with fruit and ice cream, and fresh aguas frescas.

Roxana has only been operating Las D'licias food truck for a little over a year and has become one of the most popular food trucks in West Texas.Last time Las D'licias was in the Hub City for the Midnight Cravings Food Truck event the line for the food truck went around the entire parking lot, twice.

Roxana's team does think that the reason for their popularity in such a short time is partly because of the birria but also due to the customer service and being bilingual. That means they can cater to a wider audience when some Spanish speaking only customers get nervous about ordering food in public. The style that they have with their customers and how they make them feel at home is just one way they standout and have made their presence known in the community.

I obviously couldn't leave Las D'licias without trying some birrias tacos, so I waited in line in the 105 degree heat. When you get birria tacos you also get a side of consume (broth) that the meat was cooked in to dip your taco. After that first bite I understood why people would travel so far for a chance to have some of Roxana's food. These were some of the best birria tacos I had in Lubbock and thought I would have to wait until my next trip to El Paso to get something so amazing.

Las D'licias does stay in Morton a lot since that's where they're based but they travel all across the South Plains to bring their delicious authentic food to everyone. If you are not wanting to travel but have a big event coming up then you can also book Las D'licias since they do cater and can be contacted at 806-893-7450 or on their social media where they post frequently what city they will be in next. If you do make it out to one of their pop-up events I do suggest taking a cold bottle of water and umbrella to shield from the heat, it's worth it.

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