One of many homeowner’s and renter’s worst nightmares is for their home to catch on fire. Not only do you lose precious belongings, but there is often unrepairable damage to your house that takes quite a while to repair.

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While it is a horrible thing to happen no matter what, I can’t even imagine how scary it would be if it happened in a high-rise apartment where it is hard to easily access the fire. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened to an apartment in Austin, Texas.

On the 7th floor of a high-rise apartment complex, a fire started on the balcony. Two girls living across from that apartment notices the fire, called 911 and then started filming.

The video starts with a large fire, taking up the entire balcony, and even seeming to shatter the apartment window from the heat. The video occasionally cuts, showing the fire calming down at one point and getting bigger again.

The road next to the complex filled with fire fighters, ready to take care of the fire. Of course, because of the apartment’s location, it took them quite a while to finally get up and put it out.

The girls also discovered that the apartment’s residents seemed to still be inside, fairly unbothered by the fire raging outside.

I would imagine the residents above, below, and on either end of the flaming unit were very concerned for their own safety, and thankful the fire was eventually put out. It is uncertain how much damage the fire caused, but it is absolutely crazy that it was all caught on tape.

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