We all had them as kids - snacks!  The afterschool ones were especially good after a long day on campus.  Well, let's go back to those snacks that bring us back to the good old days.  Maybe chilling in front of the TV watching old sitcom or Dr. Phil or Judge Judy and chomping on a Kudos bar and chugging a Chrystal Pepsi.  What snacks do us former kids miss the most?  Well, the folks at Spin Genie did a survey of these snacks.  How did the get their findings? Well...

"The researchers looked at Google search data to see the foods that people are searching for the most, despite these items being discontinued or hard to get hold of!"

Hang on to your Beanie Babies - here are the top picks...


The Most Searched Nostalgic Snacks:



Search Volume





Oreo Cakesters



Bagel Bites



Tab Soda






Crystal Pepsi



Kudos Granola Bars



Orbitz Drinks



Waffle Crisp Cereal



Rice Krispies Treats Cereal




Number one is Dunkaroos!  They were a kangaroo-shaped cookies complete with a compartment of frosting or icing for dipping. While they were discontinued for a time, they made a comeback in 2020 and are still available!

Oreo Cakesters came in second place. These soft cake-like cookies featured a cream filling, similar in taste to regular Oreos. They were discontinued by Nabisco in the mid-2010s - but are back and available now!

At number three it's Bagel Bites, a popular snack food consisting of small, bite-sized bagels that were topped with pizza ingredients. Still available!

Other snacks that made the top 10:

Tab Soda was introduced in the early 1960s and gained popularity as one of the first diet sodas on the market. However, as Coca-Cola introduced other diet soda options like Diet Coke, Tab was discontinued by 2020.

Fruitopia was a brand of fruit-flavored beverages introduced by The Coca-Cola Company in the early 1990s. It is not longer available in the U.S.  However, after some research, it seems to available in Canada in juice box form.

Crystal Pepsi was a clear cola soft drink introduced by PepsiCo in the early 1990s. It was essentially a caffeine-free, colorless version of traditional Pepsi, and and it was discontinued in the mid-90s.

Kudos Granola Bars were a popular snack product introduced by Mars, in the 1990s. It was at one time my go-to snack.  These granola bars were known for their sweet and crunchy texture held together with a layer of caramel or chocolate.

Orbitz Drinks were a unique and short-lived beverage product introduced by The Clearly Food & Beverage Company in the mid-90s. These drinks were known for their distinctive appearance, featuring a clear, gel-like liquid filled with colorful edible balls floating within the bottle. Kind of a soda boba!

Waffle Crisp Cereal was a breakfast cereal produced by Post. It was known for its small, waffle-shaped cereal pieces that resembled miniature waffles. By popular demand it is back!

Rice Krispies Treats Cereal was a breakfast cereal that was a spin-off of the popular Rice Krispies Cereal, made by mixing Rice Krispies with melted marshmallows and butter. It is still available!

So there you go - hopefully all these snack memories made you feel all warm and fuzzy.


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