So if you've been on the internet then you might have heard of the phrase 'girl dinner' and might be a bit confused. There seem to be many questions around the popular trend for those that are not in the loop so we will break it down.


Girl dinner became popular after TikTok user Olivia Maher referenced another video of a girl talking about medieval dinner and how back in those times peasants would eat bread and cheese. That's when Olivia called her peasant dinner the now popular girl dinner. After that video surfaced is when the popular girl dinner song surfaced and got stuck in almost everyone's head as they indulged in their small mouse-like meals.

What is girl dinner?

Well it consists of small snacks that girls will eat like crackers, fruit, veggies, dips, and of course the most important part is cheese. Girl dinner can be enjoyed by everyone, not just girls, and usually made of things you already have around the house. One example of girl dinner is from the classic 1990 movie 'Mermaids' with Cher and Christina Ricci where in the opening scene Cher serves

cheeseball pick me ups accompanied by miniature franks and marshmallow kebobs for dessert

which are considered girl dinner by todays standards.

Girls Only!

Who can partake in girl dinner? Well everyone can and just because it's called girl dinner doesn't mean it's only for girls. The phrase does refer to small snacks girls are said to stereotypically peck at in between meals, but one thing seems to be the same through out each girl dinner. That constant is cheese. Cheese is happiness and in any form it seems to be the staple of girl dinner and unites everyone because cheese is happiness.

Would you try out girl dinner? Let us know your ideal girl dinner in the comments.

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