After all of Lubbock’s spring rain, the vegetation around town has gotten out of control. If your lawn is still out of control, you’re going to want to mow it sooner than later.

Based on their code enforcement, the City of Lubbock really cares about the appearance of the city. This includes overgrown weeds and grass. If the vegetation in your yard reaches over 8 inches, the City of Lubbock can have it mowed for you and send you the bill for the cost of service.

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This includes your property line, your half of the alley behind your home, and up to the curb in front of your home.

There is also a system in place where your neighbors can report your lawn to the city. So, if you have a rough relationship or picky neighbors, you’ll want to be extra alert.

If you are unable to mow your lawn yourself, there are plenty of great lawn service companies around Lubbock that will take care of your grass for you. If that costs too much, you can probably find someone willing to mow for cheap via a neighborhood Facebook page.

I know it’s a hassle to keep up with your grass, especially when it grows so fast with all of the rain, but it is something the city wants us to do to keep Lubbock looking as nice as we can. For more information about water violations, lawn violations, and illegal dumping, visit the City of Lubbock website.

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