Whether you are a grandmother, new mom, soccer mom, motherly figure, or any other type of person that deserves some appreciation on Mother’s Day, I hope this year’s holiday treats you well.

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While spending time at home, playing games, having dinner, or any other quality time can be a great option for Mother’s Day, some people would rather like to get out of the house and explore what Lubbock has to offer for. Thankfully, there are plenty of great options coming up.

Whether you want to shop for the perfect Mother’s Day gift, grab some brunch, have a crafting date, or something else, there are many events happening in Lubbock to celebrate all the moms of the Hub City. I personally am partial to doing something creative, and there are multiple options to fit that niche.

So, keep scrolling to see what events are happening in Lubbock for Mother’s Day 2024:

Lubbock Mother’s Day Events 2024

Gallery Credit: Emily Claire

If you are still stumped on what to get your mom as a gift this Mother’s Day, here is a list of options that are made in Texas and sold by small businesses on Etsy.

10 Texas-Made Gifts Your Mom Will Love

Gallery Credit: Emily Claire

$1 Million House: Lubbock vs Dallas

Gallery Credit: Emily Claire

WOT100 Headbands and Hats Mother’s Day Tea File: attachment -434486285_391413660479685_5392565749681503967_n. jpg LHUCA Mother’s Day Market File: attachment -433005100_731428535804203_184914668531057134_n. jpg $15 Mother’s Day Make & Take File: attachment -433536880_822152979956428_9036840710559531717_n. jpg Trading Canvases – Mother's Day Edition File: attachment -436493514_964649818877178_2485319899325159594_n. jpg Mother’s Day Brunch File: attachment -434142633_334070712998191_6906620087506903463_n. jpg Overton Mother’s Day Brunch File: attachment -434773932_819670223534602_8780836099723226579_n. jpg Mother’s Day Royal Tea Party File: attachment -428630243_900319645436169_621099197312530861_n. jpg Mother’s Day Pick Your Project File: attachment -434044005_822154866622906_6173118409977184235_n. jpg Mother’s Day Market

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