As someone that loves to cook, I am always looking for new recipes to try. Recently, I found a recipe that involved chickpeas. I’d never prepared them in this way before, so I wanted to give it a try. Little did I know, things would end up going awry.

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The recipe was for ‘Middle Eastern Chickpea Bowls’ and had rice, roasted veggies and chickpeas. Of course, I also added some pita bread, hummus, and tzatziki in the mix because those are some of my favorite parts of meals like this.

I prepared everything as instructed, rinsing the chick peas, drying them off, seasoning them, and tossing them in oil along with the veggies. I then roasted it all together in the oven, and everything was going well.

Once everything was roasted properly, I took it out to cool. I knew chickpeas can burst open sometimes while cooking, but what happened next took me by surprise.

After setting the sheet pan down, the cool air hitting the hot chickpeas causes them to start bursting. The force of their bursting making them spring into the air like popcorn.

Several of them go flying, launching in all directions. I scramble to pick them up off of the floor, making sure my dog doesn’t try to eat the scalding hot chickpeas. Finally, after a few moments, they stop bursting, I have the rest picked up, and things have settled.

I cautiously approach the pan, mix the veggies and chickpeas together, making sure no more will decide to attack, and carry on with my cooking.

The meal still turned out delicious, just with a few sacrifices. Sometimes cooking goes a little wrong at times, but at least it leaves you with a good story.

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