If you were born and raised in Lubbock and are over the age of 20 then you might remember when some male dancers came to town and got arrested. Well I went to a show similar to that night geared towards women and actually was very entertained.


So as a guy I went with some friends to see what this Girls Night Out experience was all about and was very surprised. Jake's hosted the event and the amount of women at the doors waiting was astounding because it was very cold outside. These women that were all lined up were from all different backgrounds but were dressed up and ready to see what the night had in store for them. As soon as the doors opened up the beautiful ladies in line gave their tickets to security and rushed inside trying to find a good seat where they could get a good view of the action. There were some men with their wives present.

The Show

After some time, and getting past some technical difficulties, the show started and that's when the energy in the room started to shift. The 5 male performers were introduced and all the women in the room began to scream with anticipation of the entertainment. I watched the performances and was in awe at how much of a mix it was between a circus, dance, and sporting event all wrapped into one.

The Aftermath

As the show went on many of the women got into the performance and were screaming and yelling (as was I encouraging the performers). The women were helping each other out and it was very much a show where women were encouraging towards one another and felt like this big bubble of unity. Women were holding each others drinks, each others cell phones, helping each other up and down stairs and was very much a beautiful sight.

Not The End!

While the show didn't end until late, and I felt like I had just been to the circus combined with a football game, I couldn't help but wonder "What does it take to be a performer?". Well I waited after the show that was filled with abs and dancing to talk to (interview) one of the men and see what it takes to be a performer/dancer. That story to find out what's behind all those hunky costumes and muscles can be found here.

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