Exercise is an important part of everyday life but sometimes it's hard to juggle getting that into your day or maybe you are just too tired. Recently Lubbock hosted the Natural Fit Federation's third annual Hub City Classic Bodybuilding competition, in partnership with Gainiac Nutrition and Infinity Training and Wellness, where natural bodybuilders took to the stage.

Pumping Iron

For those that have never attended a bodybuilding show it's a very easy thing to figure out. It's a show where people who have built up their bodies to a very peak physique go to compete and show off their dedication and hard work. This type of show is actually something that has interested me for a long time because I wasn't allowed to play sports in high school at all (thanks) but found it intriguing for years.

The Gun Show

I was able to attend the Hub City Classic and first hand learned what an actual bodybuilding show is like. It's pure art with these people who have dedicated themselves to their body and made the sacrifice to be selfish about what they eat and the work they put into their bodies. The men seem like these statues of perfection due to the confidence they radiate and the control they have on stage to show off their peak physique at the time. The women competing also have this almost statue like surrealness to their body with a type of sensuality to every move they make while posing.

Brain Muscles

Bodybuilding is very much an artform and, honestly, is like a dance where the athletes move their bodies with very precisely to make sure they show off those specific muscles during their posing routines. You can also see that the athletes bodies are their canvases and those muscles are their art where they can show the world confidently all the skills it takes to mold their bodies to what they set their minds to.

Are You Ready?

What actually goes through a competitors mind though during a show and why do they choose to do this? Well we spoke with some bodybuilding athletes to ask just that but that is its own story we will tell later this week.

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