Imagine a huge truck full of beautiful fresh fruit where you can buy pounds of your favorite fruit for a good deal. That is exactly what The Fruit Truck does as it travels to 15 states and a variety of cities including Lubbock, Texas

Every year, they bring fresh fruit to various communities via a refrigerated semi-truck. From strawberries to cherries, you can get beautiful fruit for canning, baking, and sharing with your loved ones.

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The last time they came to Lubbock they brought strawberries, and they were some of the most beautiful and fragrant strawberries I've ever seen. This summer they are returning to Lubbock with a load of Georgia peaches and pecans.

They will be here at noon for only 30 minutes at the Whitewood Lanes parking lot on June 15th, 2024. Once those 30 minutes are up, they pack up and head to their next stop.

They are selling 20lbs boxes of peaches for $45 each, as well as 12 ounces of pecans for $15. They accept cash, check, and Venmo for payment.

According to their Facebook, their farmers are saying this is the best peach year they’ve had in a while, so they are excited to share the abundance with all the communities they are traveling to.

These events are very popular here in Lubbock, so if you want to be sure to get your peaches before the 30 minutes are up, be sure to arrive early. You can buy more than one case of fruit if you like, but keep in mind that 20lbs of peaches is around 30-40 peaches.

Get those summer recipes ready, cause this will be your chance to stock up.

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