Spring in Lubbock is one of the best and most miserable times of the year.

It’s great because the weather is warming up, the grass is going back to green, and there are more things to do outside around town. However, it is terrible because the wind is crazy, blowing up all that dirt and pollen around town.

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This leaves the whole city covered in a layer of red dirt and everyone’s allergies acting up. It gets to the point where you can’t tell which one is the cause of your red, itchy, eyes.

While this strongly impacts the people of Lubbock, it also impacts our pets.

I have had multiple dogs throughout my life that have allergies. This leaves them with rashes on their tummy, irritated eyes, and more. So, when the wind is blowing all of these allergens around, it impacts them too.

Even if they aren’t allergic to anything, all the dust that blows around can still be really irritating. Especially to their eyes. That is why I suggest training your dog to wear goggles if they spend a lot of time outside when the wind is picking up dirt.

Just like booties, dog goggles can be a great tool to protect your dog. They come in a variety of brands, sizes, and styles to fit most needs. With a bit of training and desensitization, most dogs can be taught to comfortable wear them. For more information, you can check out rockymountaindog.ca.

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