Everyone loves food, it's essential, but the city of Tahoka has a new food place that has everyone smiling and saying 'Bye Felicia!' as they leave. That's the Jackfruit Cafe.

Actress, comedian, and now local West Texas business owner of the Jackfruit Cafe Angela Means, best known for her role in the movie Friday as Felicia and in Cousin Skeeter, is making herself right at home in West Texas. The Los Angeles transplant, recently celebrated her 60th birthday on November 19th by making some vegan food for the community of Tahoka and serving over 200 people.

When you enter the Jackfruit Cafe you are instantly transported to your grandmother or aunties kitchen on a Sunday afternoon in the Spring right after church. Martha from Facebook wanted to know why there wasn't at least one meat option that some locals are used to and Means said she just doesn't want to contaminate the vegan kitchen with any meat products.

I of course had to try something so after not eating anything all day I was able to get 'The Felicia' (how can you not?) and was blown away by the flavors of the food. I had two sliders with some potato salad, coleslaw and orange slices and I can for sure say that the flavors were something I have never had. The potato salad was so light and fluffy that it was like eat a cloud and the coleslaw (I am not a fan of coleslaw) was so fresh and flavorful that I could eat it everyday. The sliders were a bit sweet and very savory to the point that I couldn't tell they were not real meat and was satisfied but not left tired (or having 'the itis') after eating.

Jackfruit Cafe, Mikael Donnovan
Jackfruit Cafe, Mikael Donnovan

We were able to ask some questions from social media to Means during the interview from very interested followers. Martha from Facebook wanted to know why there wasn't any jackfruit on the menu even though the name is Jackfruit Cafe and that's because to process it takes too much effort. Means doesn't want to put too much on her employees shoulders who are already putting in so much effort to keep this beautiful homestyle restaurant running so smoothly. Connie from Facebook wanted to know if the prices for the Jackfruit Cafe would be like the prices in Los Angeles and Means let us know that prices are half of what costs were in California. The most expensive item is the Deebo coming in at $14.30 and nothing else is over $10 on the menu. Facebook follower Topher wanted to know if Means is still using a VCR to dubb her shows and she laughingly told us no but I will be lending her my VCR.

The Jackfruit Cafe is only open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. but Means says once she has the business running tighter she will extend her hours to offer breakfast and dinner options. You can actually have vegan breakfast burritos, they exist! Means wants the Jackfruit Cafe to be a place for local artists in the community to showcase their art and during our interview agreed to showcase local photographers art to sell connecting the cafe even more to the community. Not only will local artists and musicians be welcome but Means also wants to hold a kids club Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. for local area kids to hang out and have a sense of community while staying out of trouble and having fun.

Means loves the community of Tahoka and is loving becoming a part of it like by joining a church, getting to know the people and just genuinely caring about her employees. Some people are curious why Tahoka and Means states because they need it, she wants to share her food with a small community and Tahoka was just the place.

As Means gets more involved in the community we spoke about the potential of a Jackfruit Cafe food truck possibly coming to Lubbock and surrounding areas. Means loved the idea so she can spread her amazing food to the great West Texas community and share those tasty flavors and comforting food of the Jackfruit Cafe. So if you have 23 minutes to spare in Lubbock then just make the journey to Tahoka and visit the Jackfruit Cafe for lunch Monday through Friday.

Take a peek inside Tahoka's Jackfruit Cafe Owned by Angela Means

Gallery Credit: Mikael Donnovan

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