Texas Geeks rejoice your state is showing up strong in a recent poll about "Geekiest" cities.  Before we get to how some Texas cities placed, first let's distinguish a "geek" from a "nerd."  And, to do that we quote Texas Tech Professor/Cultural Librarian  Rob Weiner who spoke to LawnLove.com about the difference.

"Well, today “geek” and “nerd” are often used interchangeably as someone who enjoys certain aspects of popular or technological culture. These include video games and role-playing games, comic book movies, such as the MCU, and those who collect obsessively certain aspects of popular culture, such as sports cards or other unique items like comic books.

However, historically (and technically) they don’t actually mean the same thing. A geek is one who is a obsessed with collecting materials and following trends about their subject of interest, while a nerd is one who is educated and intellectual about a certain topic or subject area."

-Texas Tech Professor/Cultural Librarian  Rob Weiner

Ok, now that is established - how did Lawn Love.com (who conducted this poll) come up with the "Geekiest" city in the world?  Well, they judged the top 200 cities on number of local comic book stores, geek social groups, and Comic-Cons.

Like most surveys, due to population and the entertainment industry ties, New York was number one followed by Los Angeles at number two.  Then, three Texas powerhouse cities come in strong with San Antonio (No. 3), Austin (No. 6), and Houston (No. 7).  The Texas cities were helped by big scores in Collectibles and Costumes.


And, two smaller Texas towns did manage to make it on the top 200. Frisco, Texas was Number 188 due to its  National Videogame Museum.  Todd Mission, Texas was an honorable mention for bring million to  the Texas Renaissance Festival which is the biggest one in the world.

C'mon Lubbock let's get our geek up for next year's list!

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