Grocery shopping is something everyone has to do whether they enjoy it or not. Whether you choose to go every couple of days, weekly, or on any other schedule, there are a few things that every shopper hates dealing with.

Some of those things include:

  • Carts with wobbly wheels
  • Sanitizing every cart or basket you use
  • Lugging groceries from the car to the house
  • Groceries rolling around the trunk of your car
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While these things might not bother everyone, they are common enough to be concerns for many different people. While there are individual solutions for these types of problems, it would be handy to have one thing that helps fix all of these problems.

While scrolling through TikTok, I think I found the perfect solution.

You can buy your own personal shopping cart online that is compact, easy to use, and helps fix all of the issues names above.

The common brand found on Amazon is called CLAX, and it is a folding cart that comes with two collapsible baskets. The baskets are removable so you can easily take them off with all your groceries in them, put them in your trunk, and bring them in the house without having to make more than two trips.

The cart itself folds up nicely to fit in your trunk, and you can collapse the bins, so they take up less space while not in use.

It is not a particularly inexpensive device, sitting at over $200. However, if having your own cart that you don’t have to always sanitize, you know the wheels will work, makes bringing in groceries easier, and stops things from rolling all over your trunk, then this could be a great device for you.

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