The Texas heat is like no other, and locals are getting sick of blasting the air conditioning all day every day. The cool air and keeping your home at a reasonable temperature is great, but the bill that gets racked up in the summer months is a hard pill to swallow.

Along with electricity bills rising with the AC running, water bills often also go up in the summer due to watering your lawn and outdoor plants, and pool maintenance for those with an inground or above ground pool.

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If you find yourself dreading your monthly utilities because of how high it’s been with these factors, thankfully there are some tips and tricks you can follow to help lower your bill. Today we will be focusing on your AC bill and we can talk about saving on water another time.

The key to most of the following tips is efficiency. Keeping the cool air in and the heat out is your biggest lifesaver because your AC won’t have to work as hard and run as long, which is what is making your bill as high as it is.

Keep scrolling to learn more about how you can save money with these 10 ways to lower your AC bill this summer in Texas.

Top 10 Ways to Lower Your A/C Bill This Summer

Gallery Credit: Heidi Kaye

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