OK, National Burnt Ends Day  is coming up on September 1st – what does that mean? Well, I guess when you cut the ends off a brisket you have the “burnt ends” of meat.  Kansas City is famous for selling burnt ends as kind of a popcorn like snack. It sounds good to me.  Burnt things are usually pretty good to me. In fact, in our household when anything is burnt is usually followed by the sentence phrase, “See if Dad wants it.” I’m well known for my burnt toast eating. These culinary charred choices made me put together this list of the top 5 Texas favorites that taste better burnt. So, let’s get ready to overcook!  If you disagree – go and overcook your own food! Just kidding…thanks for reading this far- let’s do this…

5.  NACHOS – This started with my mother back in the day at a restaurant called Bennigan’s – she would tell the waiter to the chef (LOL) to burn the edges of nachos.  I must say I thought she was a crazy at the time.  She proved me wrong - burned corn tortilla chip is awesome.  And, with some of the nachos cheese burnt too- yum! By the way, I went on to be a waiter at Bennigan’s and suggested this to some of my customers – no one ordered it that way they usually thought I was nuts and I got no tip…thanks Mom!

4. MACARONI AND CHEESE- Ok, so most Mac and Cheese is made on stove top or in microwave, but in the oven with right amount of burnt is a masterpiece. You get a delicious bite of burnt cheese and burnt pasta together!

3. FAJITA VEGGIES- Sure the fajita meat is amazing but top it off with burnt onions and peppers-that is something special.

2. TORTILLAS- Ok, this has to be on a stove grill where the butter burns into the tortilla…fill with eggs and you got the perfect burnt breakfast.

1.TEXAS BBQ – Ok, let’s be clear I like tender juicy barbeque. However, the juicy meat part is better with another part burnt.  Example – a BBQ whole chicken with the marinated skin burnt. Another example brisket with the ends and fat burnt – you get the idea.

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