Lubbock is one of those places where music is everywhere you just have to keep an open ear but one local band is making sure you hear them every season. Strawberry Season is a band that got their start back in the halls of South Plains College in 2016 when Israel Gonzales, Izzy, wrote the bands first song before the band was even an idea. Izzy then met second founding member, Brennan Brusewitz, in 2017 during an audition ensemble one semester and the two began to collaborate on a pop project that would become Strawberry Season.

In an interview Izzy said that the name Strawberry Season came from partly from his favorite Beatles song, Strawberry Fields Forever, and means growth along with being very visual. I obviously can't talk about Strawberry Season without listening to their music and it truly made my soul feel relaxed. Strawberry Seasons music instantly transported me to a field of tall soft grass blowing in the wind right before a light Spring storm, it's exciting and there's an electricity in it that just makes you relax. You can immediately tell that their sound has grown from their original Pop genre roots to a more worldly sound since their official full band show in 2022.

Strawberry Season says that they could be better described as Alternative as they weave elements of Rock, R&B, EDM, and a lot more into their sound over the years. During our interview Strawberry Season did state that some of the best parts of performing, aside from playing for themselves, is that it's very therapeutic and provides them an escape that they want to share with their listeners. The end goal is for this band is to tour the world while spreading peace and love as they help people escape through their music.

All of Strawberry Seasons music is written and produced by Izzy and (co-producer) Brennan over the years as they stayed up many late nights just creating. Strawberry Season does not have any places they regularly perform at but do play at a few venues around town such as Jake's, LHUCA, and house show venues. Strawberry Season is set to perform at Jake's Backroom on August 25 and Two Docs Lubbock Live on August 26. More information about Strawberry Season can be found on their social media, Facebook and Instagram, or where music is found, Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube.

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