Living in Lubbock you have to give some respect to all the different kinds of artists that live here and how they express themselves. One Lubbock band is doing just that as they get ready to release their EP in November under the bright lights of the Hub City. They are the band Last of the Lights (LoTL).

This band was founded in Lubbock during 2021 by guitarist Corey Light but really hit the ground running in 2022. The band is comprised of Corey Light on guitar, Juan Castro on bass, Gabi Silvas with the vocals and Sam Moody on the drums who got their start playing a few house shows around Lubbock also the Atrium (now The Chapel) and Wronside.  Last of the Lights doesn't fit into any known genre but instead says they are described as Shoegaze with a hint of Doom/Sludge metal and that makes up their genre they call Space-Rock.

As always I had to listen to Last of the Lights and was able to get a sneak peek of their song Dogs, which will be on their upcoming EP, and I went through so many emotions. The way the song starts off almost makes it feel a chilly Fall Sunday but as if you were the only person in Lubbock and decided to take a walk on the Loop since there is no one else in town. Then as it builds up you get this sense of emotion then at two minute and forty-three seconds it hits you with this intense blast of guitar that pulls at your soul. It did for me at least.

Last of the Lights got their unique name from Corey Lights last name and at the time him and his wife were expecting a girl so he would be the last of the Lights. The name is also unique and fits the bands sound very well as part of their space rock genre with Corey Light stating he also pictures dying stars blinking out of a sky, which is very ominous and dramatic. This band definitely pulls their inspiration from other bands such as Deftones, The Cure, Hum, and the Cloak room (to name a few) but it's nothing like anything in the Hub City.

Their self titled EP is set to debut on November 4 which they recorded with BurntHouse Records in Lubbock. The band does state that they had fun recording their EP and Corey states he hopes it inspires listeners to want to pick up an instrument and create something. We will keep an eye out for this band as they keep writing rippers and playing shows around Lubbock while squeezing out every ounce of those creative juices. You can find more information and music from Last of the Lights on Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Bandcamp and Apple Music.

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