If you are visiting Lubbock for the first time, or you recently moved here and are looking for fun things to do, there are a few ideas that are 'Lubbock Local Approved'.

Some people will say Lubbock is a 'boring' place, but I beg to differ. Whether you enjoy a night out, are a total foodie, an animal lover, or a music history buff, there is a little something for everyone. You can bring your family out, meet some new friends, or simply have a great time out on your own.

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So, without further ado, here are 5 Lubbock Local Approved things to do when visiting the Hub City.

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Prairie Dog Town Buddy Holly Museum First Friday Art Trail Cook’s Garage Breweries The Brewery LBK Two Docs Good Line Enjoy the Food Italian Garden Jazz Louisiana Kitchen Mirch Masala Papa V Grab a drink at one of Lubbock's breweries including The Brewery LBK, Two Docs, Good Line, and more. If you are visiting during the first week of the month, you have to check out this event in Lubbock's art district. Music lovers from far and wide enjoy seeing the Buddy Holly Statue, exploring his museum, and seeing the stunning arts and performance hall named in his honor. There is a lot of great food to try including restaurants like Italian Garden, Jazz Louisiana Kitchen, Mirch Masala, Papa V Pizza, and more. An iconic part of Lubbock that is fun for the whole family. See All the prairie dogs your heart desires at Prairie Dog Town.