If you have lived in and around Lubbock, or West Texas in general, then you know this is the land of nothing but flatland as far as the eye can see. Well it's also the land of wind and dust with a mighty windy day happening today, February 27.

Wind Power

With all this wind there are some things people across Lubbock should remember. Keeps your eyes open and be alert because things are flying every which way. That doesn't mean just birds but all kinds of things that could cause any type of accident while driving. Do not forget that while driving can be dangerous during the extremely high winds in Lubbock there are other dangers.

Run for Cover

Those dangers do include natural elements such as flying dirt and dust or even extreme fire from people who have no regard for the dangers of extreme winds. So remember Lubbock when the winds are high and things begin to fly just stay inside where it's safe. Also this is perfect weather to maybe get a new trampoline for your backyard, or lose one. While you might not think what could be flying about during extremely windy weather we have taken all the guesswork out of the equation and have a full list of 10 items you might see flying around Lubbock.

Top 10 Things to Watch Out For During a Windy West Texas Day

Things to keep an eye out for while trying to make it through a windy day in West Texas

Gallery Credit: Mikael Donnovan

Safety Tips for Extra Windy Lubbock Days

These tips can keep you safe on windy days.

Gallery Credit: Emily Claire

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