A civil lawsuit that accused former Texas Tech basketball player Richard "Pop" Isaacs of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old girl during a team trip to the Bahamas in November has been dismissed, according to attorneys for both Isaacs and the parents of the girl.

Isaacs was found "not responsible" by a panel following a Title IX hearing Wednesday morning, The Field of 68 reported, citing Kimberly Simon, Texas Tech's assistant vice president for compliance and Title IX.

The plaintiffs, the parents of the girl, filed a motion for dismissal Tuesday in a district court in Lubbock County, Texas.

The lawsuit, which was filed in January, alleged Isaacs had sexually assaulted the girl while she was intoxicated. The Red Raiders were playing at the Battle 4 Atlantis on Paradise Island at the time.

While the age of consent in the Bahamas is 16, the lawsuit alleged that the girl could not grant consent because she was intoxicated.

In January, Medcalf reported the lawsuit was seeking $1 million in damages. He also noted it alleged she "attempted to fight him off" but was intoxicated from alcohol that was provided by a Texas Tech booster.

Isaacs has said he's innocent of the allegations and, through his attorneys, said he never had sexual contact with the girl.

Texas Tech, in a statement after the lawsuit was filed, said once it became aware of the allegations, they were immediately reported to the school's Title IX office, which operates independently and commenced its own investigation.

According to the school, the athletic department reached out twice to the Title IX office and was told each time that Isaacs was "in good standing."

The allegations did not lead to a criminal complaint, and Isaacs was never suspended. He played in 59 games over two seasons for Texas Tech, including all 34 in 2023-24.

He has since entered the transfer portal and is no longer with the Red Raiders.

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