Looks like another coffee place is coming to Lubbock and if you need lots of options, this is the place for you.

I'm excited to announce a new place called 7 Brew Coffee is coming to Lubbock very soon. This is a chain drive-thru coffee shop and they've confirmed to us that they'll be opening a spot in the Hub City.

7 Brew Coffee is known for its speed, quality products, genuine connection and kindness with each cup served. When they open up, customers will be able to try a wide array of hand-crafted espresso-based coffee beverages, infused energy drinks, Italian sodas, smoothies, and teas. I'm loving all the options.

I talked with an employee with 7 Brew who said they were "born from a desire to change drive-thru coffee into a positive experience for everyone. We dreamed of serving premium coffee in record time and making new friends while we're at it. The dream came alive with our first stand in Rogers, AR and our seven original coffees. Throughout our recent growth, we have remained true to our mission, staying committed to putting a smile on customers’ faces while serving a variety" of drinks.

7 Brew Coffee
7 Brew Coffee

So I was curious when they open, what should we try? They said they serve over 20,000 unique drinks to customers to date, which is crazy! The beverages that reign supreme are the Blondie and Brunette, which include delicious hints of Caramel Vanilla Breve and sultry Chocolate Hazelnut Mocha blends. Sounds delicious to me.

7 Brew Coffee is set to open at two locations so far, 6821 Slide Road and 1415 University Avenue. The University location opens on January 30th, 2023 and its grand opening is on Friday, February 10th, 2023. You will receive one free 7 Brew swag item with the purchase of a large drink on their grand opening date.

The Slide location will come soon.

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