A big sports game is coming back for the first time in about a decade and Texas Tech will be featured in it.

Since 2013, no new versions of the EA Sports football video game have been released. Of course, that's about to change this summer.

The death of the game appeared to be a class action lawsuit filed against the NCAA by former college basketball player Ed O'Bannon on behalf of NCAA Division-I football and basketball players. The suit challenged the NCAA's ability to use the likenesses and names of former players for marketing purposes. This was one of the landmark cases that brought about the N.I.L. laws which have forever changed the NCAA landscape.

Now, players can choose to be in the game. If they do, it is being reported that they will receive $600 and a free copy of the game.

The Texas Tech Red Raiders will be one of the many playable teams in the new College Football National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) 25.

The Red Raiders have always played a part in the NCAA franchise, including former Texas Tech receiver, Michael Crabtree, being on the cover of NCAA Football 10 released back in 2009.

This video game will represent each collegiate football team and the unique environment of each fan base and stadium, including the Jones AT&T Stadium. I am curious on how the game will look since the Jones is under construction right now.

EA Sports has confirmed that all 134 FBS teams have signed up to be included.

The exact release date for the relaunch of the game has yet to be announced but EA Sports has confirmed a summer 2024 release.

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