I love seeing all the different records created in the world. You may be shocked at some of the ones that have made it on the Guinness World Record.

I have no idea where people come up with these things but here are some crazy ones broken in Texas.

What's the weirdest world record that Texas has?

Longest Underhand Blindfolded Basketball Shot

McKinney, Texas: On August 14th, 2023 Christopher Naebeck made an underhand and blindfolded basketball shot at 42 feet and 7 inches away from the hoop. This set a new record.

Most People Making S'mores at One Time

Grapevine, Texas: On July 22nd, 2023, there were 891 people who all made s'mores at the same time which is now a new record.

Stop, Drop & Roll

League City, Texas: On October 12, 2018, nearly 2,000 people (1,989 to be exact) gathered at the Challenger Columbia Stadium. Every single person was there for a reason: to get down on the floor... and stop, drop, and roll.

Most Balloons Burst in 1 Minute

Mission, Texas: On November 12th, 2023 Adam Winrich popped 90 balloons in one minute breaking his previous record.

Largest Care Bear Memorabilia

Dallas, Texas: On January 23rd 2023. Nicholas Cherrywood of Dallas has a total of 1,234 Care Bear items, books, DVDs, clothing and more.

Longest Friendship Bracelet

McKinney, Texas: On April 28th, 2023 Valley Creek Elementary School created the longest friendship bracelet ever at 2,795 feet and 9 inches long.

Longest Line of Sleeping Bags

Waco, Texas: On July 4th, 2023 the record for 1,203 sleeping bags in a line was set by four people: Mar Magnusen, Kevin Davis, Sam Esparza, and Meagan Noranbrock.

Most People Using a Shaker in a Relay

Southlake, Texas: On October 21st, 2023 355 people all shaking bottles or cocktail shakers while in a relay. Officials say there was protein powder used in shaker bottles or cocktail shakers to break this record.

Largest Pinata Created

San Antonio, Texas: On December 9th, 2023 the largest Pinata ever was created by CORN NUTS measuring 99 feet 10.4 inches high, 59 feet 1.1 inches long and 20 feet 2.5 inches wide.

Most Tissues Pulled from a Box in 1 Minute

Mont Belvieu, Texas: On February 3rd, 2023 Alan Daigle of Mont Belvieu pulled 189 tissues from a box in 1 minute.
Spring, Texas: On April 6th, 2023 David Turnage shot an arrow up 259 feet and was able to catch it.

Fastest Time to Arrange a Deck of Playing Cards

Austin, Texas: On May 19th, 2023 Arick Zachman of Austin spent 34.03 seconds to arrange a deck of playing cards.

Longest Basketball Shot Make Backwards

San Antonio, Texas: On January 29th, 2023 Jeremy Ware made a shot backwards at 85 feet and 5 inches.

Most Golf Putts Holed in One Minute

Frisco, Texas: On June 12th, 2023 Garrett Hilbert made 35 putts in one minute to break the world record.

Longest Distance to Hit and Catch a Golf Ball

Frisco, Texas: On June 12th, 2023 (yes the same date as above) Tyler Toney hit a ball 101 feet and 6.1 inches and was able to catch the ball after hitting it for the long-distance record.

Multiple Records Broken For Drones

Richland Hills, Texas: In December 2023 Sky Elements set the new record for the “Largest fictional character made with multi-rotors or drones” with an aerial nutcracker using more than 400 drones. The company also reset the record for the “Largest aerial image made with multi-rotors or drones” with a Christmas tree scene with more than 1,000 drones. Each record was set at 1,499
Setting records is not all that new to Sky Elements. The team successfully attempted the “Largest aerial sentence” at a North Richland Hills Fourth of July Show earlier this year.

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