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A 17-year-old in Lubbock has been accused of murdering a 50-year-old man and now faces an aggravated robbery charge.

Back on Tuesday, September 27th, Lubbock Police responded to a car that was blocking an alley in the 2600 block of 46th Street. That's where officers found the dead body of 50-year-old Robert Stewart.

At first, police didn't think Stewart was killed in his vehicle, but evidence of blunt force trauma later surfaced as well as indications that his body had been cleaned in an attempt to minimize evidence. Fingerprints taken from the vehicle led investigators to 17-year-old Bailey Qualls Forrest.

KAMC News reports that Forrest was 1 of 4 people that a man was allowing to live in his apartment in exchange for money. One day, however, the man came home and found his belongings in someone else's vehicle. This prompted an altercation with the teens and ended with one of them pointing a firearm at the man.

On Friday, September 30th, Forrest was taken into custody along with 17-year-old David Lopez Jr., 1 of the 4 living with the man. Lopez was arrested for aggravated robbery and Forrest was arrested for both aggravated robbery and murder.

Both teens remain in the Lubbock County Detention Center, Lopez on a $100,000 bond and Forrest on bonds totaling $450,000.

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