A Lubbock teenager has been arrested for allegedly bringing a handgun onto school grounds.

In a statement released by the Lubbock Independent School District, administrators at Monterrey High School were given information that a student was heard discussing having a firearm and bullets with him.

Officers with LISD Police Department were dispatched to campus. The student was located and searched by authorities, who found the weapon, along with an unspecified amount of marijuana. The statement adds that he was arrested without incident and transported to Lubbock County jail.

Jail records show that Angel Lee Delacerda, 17, was booked on a charge of carrying a weapon in a prohibited place and a misdemeanor possession of marijuana charge.

A source from within the school district speaking on the condition of anonymity said that the student had been heard bragging during class about having the weapon with him. They stated that the response by authorities was not to initiate school lockdown, but rather to dispatch the officers and informed teachers to check their emails.

In the parent handout available on the Lubbock Independent School District's website, Lockdowns are defined as:

"A Lockdown is called when there is something dangerous inside of the building. Students and staff are trained to enter or remain in a room that can be locked, and maintain silence."

Additionally, the handout explains that,

A Lockdown is only initiated when there is an active threat inside or very close to the building."

It is not immediately clear if school administrators had determined the circumstances did not necessitate a Lockdown. One explanation may be that the student's statements were not one of a threat, but rather disclosure of a weapon and expressed no intent to discharge it on campus. Another factor could be that the response time of LISD police was enough to remove the security risk from within the school.

You can read the Standard Response Protocol poster below.

As per the publishing of this article, Delacerda remains in custody at the Lubbock County Detention Center on a $9,000 bond.

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