More details of the October arrest of a Lubbock man involved in multiple crimes over the course of three years have been revealed. 21-year-old Jesus Rivera is accused of multiple crimes over the course of two years. The first reported crime occurred in December 2021 after a female victim contacted police stating that Rivera physically assaulted her on two different instances. The victim was reportedly pregnant when Rivera hit her in the face and threw her to the floor.

The next incident occurred in August 2022 with that same female victim being assaulted by Rivera but this time with two other people. The three suspects are accused of hitting and dragging the victim by the hair while she was on the ground. Police responding to this incident were able to find noticeable injuries from the assault to the victim's body that matched the description of how she was attacked.

KAMC news reports that Rivera and another male suspect are accused of being involved in a shooting that occurred on April 14 at the Angel Witch Cabaret. An employee was shot in the back while shots were being fired at the front of the club as the two men left and accused the business of overcharging them for services. A security guard is said to have been bleeding from his right ear and some casings were discovered in a bathroom of the club after the shooting.

Rivera was arrested on October 30 for all three incidents and charged with six separate charges. Those charges do include Criminal Mischief between $100 to $750, Evading Arrest Detention, Assault of a Pregnant Person, Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Deadly Conduct Discharge of a Firearm, and Continuous Violence Against the Family. As per the publishing of this article, Rivera remains in custody at the Lubbock County Detention Center on a $578,004 bond.

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