On Monday, July 17, a Lubbock man arrested back in late 2019 was sentenced to some serious prison time. 35-year-old Cornelius Williams was arrested back in November of 2019 after some accusations began in 2016 of child abuse. That was after one of two young girls showed signs of bruises and a teacher took notice.

Williams was arrested and indicted on Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child, those children were an 8-year-old and 10-year-old girl. KAMC news reports that the abuse happened over the course of three or more years.

During the trial the prosecution team did state that Williams showed the two girls pornography because he was trying to normalize the abuse. The defense team did rebuttal with the lack of DNA evidence that was presented but the prosecution team was able to have present why that was. They did state that since the report and time of abuse had a delay in time it is usually rare to have physical evidence after the outcry for help.

Williams was stated to be related to the two victims and is said to have resided with their grandmother at the time of the incident. Both girls were very reluctant at the time of the incident to speak about what had occurred between them and Williams. Williams was ultimately sentenced just afternoon on Monday, July 17, to life in prison.

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