West Texas sure has a lot of... spontaneity in weather and extreme temps. Let's go through some key dates and see what else around the nation was happening at that time. Who knows, maybe this will be a trip down memory lane for some of you.

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Highest and lowest temperatures

All weather data is taken from weather.gov which indicates that the highest tempurature in Lubbock was 114 degrees in June of 1994.

What else was happening in June, 1994? The Lion King hit the theaters, generating just under a billion dollars worldwide. Movie-goers enjoyed the film for two days before watching O.J. Simpson's nationally broadcasted police chase in his Ford Bronco.

O.J. Simpson At His Criminal Trial
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On February 3, 1933, Lubbock saw a low of -17. This was also the month where President Franklin Roosevelt was almost assassinated by an angry bricklayer.

Roosevelt Broadcast
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This was also the month that racer Malcolm Campbell broke the land speed record in his famous vehicle "Blue Bird" at 146.16 mph.

Record rainfall

In Lubbock, the most inches of rain gathered in one day was 7.46 in September, 2008. Lubbockites enjoyed a good rainfall while actors Bryan Cranston and Glenn Close won their nominations at the 60th annual Emmy Awards, and "The Rachel Maddow Show" premiered on TV.

"Argo" New York Screening
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The wettest year in Lubbock occurred in 1941 with 40.55 inches in those 12 months. What happened over 82 years ago? Pearl Harbor was attacked in Hawaii, sparking America's involvement in WWII.


Lubbock doesn't get snow often, but in January of 1983 it saw over 16 inches in one day. The hit song "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" from the Eurythmics was released, and the A-Team has been loving plans that come together since the show premiered on January 23, 1983.

15th Annual Skechers Pier To Pier Friendship Walk
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Just imagine all of the other records that will be broken in the future for The Hub City. I wonder what will be top of America's mind when that happens...

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