Back in September of 1967, Major Hurricane Beulah (BYOO-la) crossed the Gulf of Mexico into Texas, reaching Duval County before traveling back down to Mexico.

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In her wake through Mexico and Texas, Beulah spawned 115 tornadoes, killing nearly 600 total, with 58 U.S. fatalities.

It's estimated that over $217 million (over $2 billion today) in damages resulted either directly from Beulah or the many tornadoes that she produced.

Heavy rainfall

Torrential rains were sprouting in places all over the 39 affected counties, with some areas in Texas seeing up to 25 inches of rain in the end of August heading into September.

In fact, many of the flash floods that arose have set records in Texas that have yet to be broken. actually has video footage showing the aftermath of the devastating floods from Beulah in 1967.

My favorite part about this video is the clip of children playing in the dirty street water up to their necks...

Organizations at the ready

Among many teams helping the wounded and displaced, the National Guard actually would patrol damaged areas to prevent looting.

The Red Cross and Salvation Army units also reported to help support those who lost their homes and feed those impacted by the weather devastation.

President Lyndon B. Johnson also visited his home state in Beulah's aftermath, declaring 24 counties a disaster area.

Texas is known to be a hot spot for severe weather, but sometimes events such as these are so monumental that they gain national attention and aid. Please make sure you are aware of how damaging these storms can be to your property and even to your life.

Stay safe, Texas.

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