Is a West Texas town promoting violence without even knowing it? According to the people at PETA, the answer is yes and now they are demanding a change.

PETA Demands The West Texas Town of Matador To Change Its Name

Even though there is no bullfighting in the town of Matador, TX, PETA is raising red flags about the town's name which they claim "glorifies violence". According to a press release, PETA sent a letter to the Mayor of Matador, Pat Smith, on Tuesday asking him to change the name of Matador and to "honor the thousands of bulls tormented and killed in bullrings every year".

A New Name for Matador?

PETA wants Matador to change its name to Ferdinand which would be named after a children's book where a bull would rather smell flowers than fight. "PETA is encouraging Mayor Smith to embrace a new name that promotes kindness, not violence".

Matador is located about an hour and a half to the northeast of Lubbock in Motley County. The town was established in 1891 and was named after the Matador Ranch.

Will PETA Target Texas Tech and the Matador Song?

While PETA is targeting Matador, TX right now, one has to wonder if Texas Tech is next. Why? Well, Texas Tech does have the Matador Song. And let's be honest, activists have already attempted to change "Guns Up" at Texas Tech and if PETA is offended by the name of a city, I'm sure they will be offended by a song where we all sing, "Long Live the Matadors!"

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And don't forget, Texas Tech also has a horse, and PETA really hates that.

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