While many of us are enjoying the Spring weather in West Texas, we all know what is coming next. The dry, hot days of Summer, and those days aren't too far off. Lubbock has already seen multiple days with highs in the mid-90's in April and while this week looks as though temperatures will stay below 90, the 10 day forecast is looking a little... hot.

Summer doesn't actually begin until June 20, but Lubbock will most likely see its first triple digit day before Summer begins. Last Summer was a hot one with the Summer of 2023 racking up 46 total 100-degree days last year. That finished second to the record of 48 days of triple digits Lubbock saw in 2011. Lubbock also got off to a slow start last year with the first triple digit day occurring on June 19th.

When Does Lubbock Normally Hit Triple Digits?

According to the National Weather Service, the average date for Lubbock's first 100-degree day in June 10. That's a little over a month from now. But we have seen plenty of times in the past where a 100-degree day can hit in May. In 2022, there were 6 days in May that saw triple digit weather, in 2020 there were 3 days in May that got that hot.

Topher Covarrubio
Topher Covarrubio

The average high for the month of May is 84 degrees according to the National Weather Service. That bumps to 91 degrees in June, 93 in July, and 91 in August.

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So enjoy the Spring weather and rain while you can, because most likely, a hot, dry Summer is coming.

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