A Lubbock teen was arrested for driving way too fast and recklessly. An officer with the Lubbock Police Department was using a radar gun to check for vehicle speeds in the 4500 block of the Marsha Sharp Freeway on Thursday, August 24.

KAMC news reports that it was during this time that the officer on duty checking vehicle speeds saw a Ford Mustang going eastbound. This vehicle was in a zone that is usually a 65 mile per hour zone but was found to be going 104 miles per hour during heavy traffic. The officer that witnessed the vehicle going at those extreme speeds pursued the car and was able to eventually catch up to that vehicle near the access road by Drive of Champions.

The pursuing officer was unable to get a good reason from the driver for going 104 miles per hour while on a public roadway. Due to there being no reason for the extreme speed followed by just a complete lack of regard for the safety of other drivers she was arrested. Those arrest charges do include a charge for reckless driving.

Due to the age of the female driver her identity has been kept anonymous and she was transported to the Lubbock County Juvenile Detention Center. As per the publishing of this article there is currently no word on if the female teen driver is still being held in custody, due to her being a minor. In the state of Texas reckless driving is not defined by how many miles per hour that someone drives but instead combined with other factors. Those do include dangerous activities such as knowingly, or unknowingly, disregarding the safety of other drivers.

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