Think back, decades ago, to a very popular, and insanely long, film that shattered records and had every girl and woman ages 6 to 99 purring "Draw me like one of your French girls". In that film, there's a memorable scene involving a steamed up car, and a runny hand print.

That scene in the film, Titanic, has me wondering just how illegal it is to make whoopee in the comfort of your own backseat in Texas.

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Let's Discuss What's Private And Public In Texas

Texas has some interesting laws on the books when it comes to what consenting adults can or can't do. Some of them have been slapped down by the Supreme Court and aren't enforceable, despite still being on the books. Others get uncomfortably specific.

When it comes to making whoopee in the backseat of a car, which has pretty much been a thing since carriages sprouted four wheels, you need to keep in mind where you are.

did some digging, and this is what I found out.

A public place is defined as a place that the public, or a substantial group of the public, has access to. Think parking lots. Parking garages. The side of the highway.

So while the inside of your car might be a private place, where its parked is probably not. Also, keep in mind that you also have to be aware of the potential for someone to unknowingly stumble upon you doing the deed. So, sitting in your driveway may not be the brightest idea either.

You can still get in trouble for being reckless. Being reckless means that you are aware of the risk that you could be seen by someone who would be offended or alarmed by your activities.

So, how much trouble would Jack and Rose get in if they pulled their little stunt in the Lone Star State?

Rose And Jack Would Have Faced A Big Fine And Possible Jail Time

For the sake of time, let's just charge them with one offense. Although, I have always wondered about the owner of that vehicle. I doubt greatly that it was Rose, or the poor starving artist, Jack.

Had they been caught, they would have been charged with public lewdness, along with possibly a laundry list of other charges. That's a jail sentence of a year and a fine of up to $4,000 in Texas. That doesn't cover the cost of any detailing that needed to be done after.

They would also have a Class A Misdemeanor on their record.

The more I learn, the more I hate that movie.

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