An entire neighborhood has transformed itself into Barbieland from the Barbie movie, just in time for Halloween!

TikTok user @taylor.mayfield uploaded a viral video revealing how her neighborhood turned into Barbieland from the hit movie based on Mattel's beloved, iconic doll.

The neighborhood, located somewhere in Utah, includes a Barbie Beach House, complete with giant beach ball, light-up dolphin and pink lights; Classic Barbie House featuring signature Barbie doll boxes; and Weird Barbie House, complete with colorful, wacky art.

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Other themed houses include a Disco Barbie House, Haunted Barbie House, Barbie Pet Shop House and classic Barbie Dream House.

Hilariously, someone even transformed their home into Ken's Mojo Dojo Casa House, complete with plenty of horses, of course.

"Our neighborhood really said 'Hi, Barbie,'" user @taylor.mayfield wrote over the video.

Check out the real-life Barbieland, below:

In the comments section, viewers gushed about the impressive (and super pink!) Barbieland transformation.

"The last house said 'nah we still doing Halloween…but make it pink,'" one person joked.

"The coordination and cooperation that this must have taken is amazing," another commented.

"This is a neighborhood I want to be in!" someone else wrote.

"I wish I could coordinate with my neighbors like this!!! So cute," another user shared.

"This neighborhood really understood the assignment," someone else commented.

One of the biggest movie releases ever, Barbie has grossed over $1.3 billion at the global box office as of publishing, according to Deadline.

Barbie surpassed The Super Mario Bros. Movie, becoming the highest grossing film of the year in North America.

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