In a brand new chat with PopCrush Nights host Lauryn Snapp, Charli XCX reveals why a song she co-wrote for another artist has a very special meaning to her.

"One of my favorite songs that I've co-written that has ended up with another artist was 'Same Old Love,' which Selena Gomez sang. But I don't feel pressed about it, I feel good about it. I do love that song," Charli XCX tells PopCrush Nights.

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"I think it meant so much more coming from her than it would have from me because I think she had just broken up with Justin [Bieber] at the time, " the "Boom Clap" singer adds, noting Gomez singing the track allowed listeners to connect with "that story."

Gomez and Bieber's love story defined a generation after they met in 2009. The exes dated on and off between 2010 and 2018.

Watch Selena Gomez's "Same Old Love" Music Video:

Charli XCX is riding high following the success of her hit single "Speed Drive," off the soundtrack for and featured in the smash blockbuster film Barbie.

When asked if she was a Barbie girl growing up, Charli XCX declares she's "Weird Barbie."

Charli XCX also admits she was worried about whether or not she was going to "fit" into the world of Barbie, but that the movie "did such a great job of allowing everybody to see elements of themselves within Barbie."

Watch Charli XCX's "Speed Drive" Music Video:

Charli XCX Talks to PopCrush Nights About the Barbie Movie:

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