Texas police have finally captured one individual who has evaded custody for far too long.

Since 2013, an individual named Iris Iliana Rodriguez had been wanted for multiple crimes in the Lone Star State. However, she was recently found and arrested for violations of the law. Here's what we know about her capture, as well as what lead to her discovery.

Iris Iliana Rodriguez And Her Crimes In Texas

According to the Texas Department Of Public Safety, officers in the in Lone Star State were seeking Rodriguez in 2015. Warrants for her capture, issued in Webb County, sought her for Indecency with a Child by Sexual Contact, three counts of Harassment, and one count of Unlawful Restraint. Texas DPS reports the crimes happened with an unidentified 11 year old girl, that Rodriguez was counseling.

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Allegedly, Rodriguez first came into contact with the child when she was a member of Child, Adolescent and Parent Services, located in Laredo, Texas. Sometime after the initial contact, Rodriguez took a job at the Border Region Behavioral Health Center, also located in Laredo. This led to further meetings between Rodriguez and the child.

After the warrants were issued for her arrest in 2015, police could not find Rodriguez in the state of Texas. But one unnamed person helped another law enforcement group to her location.

Rodriguez's Capture Out Of The Country

Texas DPS reports that on December 11th of 2023, Rodriguez was discovered by the United States Marshals Service, DPS Special Agents from Laredo, and the USMS Country Attaché in Jalisco, Mexico. Assisting them in their plan to bring Rodriguez back to Texas was INTERPOL Mexico. A tip, by someone who has not been named, helped lead law enforcement to her location.

According to Law and Crime, officials have not reported as to what Rodriguez was doing in Mexico.

As reported by Texas DPS, a reward will be paid out to the unknown tipster.

There are still many wanted criminals in state of Texas however, that are still sought for many crimes. Keep an eye out Texas!

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