Texas law enforcement across the state work day and night to make sure that citizens in the state are safe and sound. We're always thankful for those who watch over us. Sometimes however, there are individuals who make decisions that break the law.

These individuals could make the decision, which isn't very intelligent, to run from law enforcement. After an extended period running from police, a Texas criminal could find themselves on the the Texas Most Wanted list.

One of these fugitives of law named Steven Clay Leifeste, has been on the the run from Texas police, and law enforcement is seeking any information which could lead to his capture.

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Steven Clay Leifeste And His Crimes

As we've previously detailed, Texas DPS is seeking the capture of Leifeste for many crimes, including two counts of Sexual Assault of a Child and Probation Violation. Two warrants issued in 2021 and 2022 respectively sought his arrest, but he has not been seen in the state since.

Because of his disappearance, Leifeste was placed on the Texas Most Wanted list, with law enforcement in the state seeking any information to where he could be located. As the search continues on, Texas DPS has increased the reward in September for helping locate him.

How You Can Help

If you've seen Leifeste anywhere, you must remember to never to try apprehend him, as he should be considered armed and potenitally dangerous. You can help law enforcement in the state of Texas by submitting tips to Texas Crime Stoppers by calling 1-800-252-TIPS (8477). Additionally, you can submit tips to Texas DPS by using their app or sending them to their website or Facebook page.

If your tip leads to the capture of Steven during the month of September, you could receive a reward of $6,000.

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